Banksy Street Art Turned into Gifs

Serbian Tumblr gif artist ABVH has created animations based on some of Banksy’s iconic street art. These animations give life to Banksy’s poignant (but static) images by enlivening the experience of humor and absurdity that accompanies much of Banksy’s work. These gifs first began to appear in September 2012. Since then, ABVH has created a few more images, the latest of which was posted just last week. (via we the urban)

That one with the hanging really got me.

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Van Gogh Shadow - The artist’s paintings brought to life

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Pencil art by Dasha Pliska

the top one… marla?

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The sculptures and installations of Willy Verginer are estranged and introduce the viewer to a whole new dimension of magic suspension. Verginer develops an original and unique visual language that combines painting with the art of sculpting. Beginning with traditional wood work as it is practiced in his hometown, Bressaone, he slowly detached himself from conventional schemes and began following his own style.

His sculptures radiate majesty and yet seem to be fragile. While moving between strong and delicate nuances, Verginer manages to create and gives the sculptures a high emotional quality and at the same time wrests their anonymity. By doing this he communicates through the sculpture and unfolds a new dimension of communication between the artwork and the viewer.

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my avi is such a cutie pie

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my avi is such a cutie pie